Thursday, September 10, 2015

Of Make Up & Make up Guru (Pony)

Hello there,

I really like make up, walaupun sebenarnya aku jarang sangat mekap diri sendiri. Mekap orang lain memang aku nombor satu, bukan bakat lah, cuma kalau ada orang nak tadah muka bagi aku tenyeh muka dorang, cepat je aku volunteer. hehe.

Whenever I have free time, I always search for a make up tutorial on YouTube.

So baru-baru ni I stumble across this make up guru. This lady is Pony !

Pony YouTube channel : Pony Makeup

And then I found out that she is the makeup artist for CL 2NE1! 

Pony & CL 2NE1 (Lee Chaerin)

How can they be this pretty T__T

Her make up is really simple, really...rasa macam senang je nak belajar cara dia makeup.

Ada satu video tutorial dia dimana dia share make up for Hijab Women. Really pretty..

Makeup is my favorite hobby these days. Kalau ada je kawan-kawan yang mintak aku makeup memang aku cakap yes je. hehe. Of course its FOC. Why? Coz, tak yakin lagi nak ambik duit orang. :P

Here's a few makeups I've done before.

Make Up by Suzie Yusuh

Make Up by Suzie Yusuh

Up until now, I only do makeup for my best friends and my relatives. Tak berani lagi nak mekap orang luar, its more to hobbies, rather than profession.

Maybe i'll do it as a job in the future? and take some lesson to become pro? who knows kan?..hehe.

Till then..toodles !

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Anonymous said...

imagination and talent--this is her before


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